Manny Demonte

Position: Branch Manager
Phone: 516-743-6517
  • NMLS #59001
  • 516-743-6517

As the esteemed Head of the Mortgage Department at The Accredited Group, Manny has been instrumental in leading his team for over four years. His daily responsibilities encompass supporting his dedicated team of loan officers, acting as a pivotal bridge between underwriters and clients, and ensuring an organized workflow.

Manny is not just a leader but also a seasoned professional. With a notable career spanning over 22 years in the mortgage industry, he is a licensed loan officer par excellence. His enduring enthusiasm for his profession is a testament to his commitment and passion.

Away from his professional commitments, Manny is a family man at heart. Being one among four siblings is cherished, with regular weekend get-togethers. An intriguing aspect of Manny’s personality is his love for cinema. A self-proclaimed movie connoisseur, he has a particular fondness for comedies. Impressively, he possesses an uncanny ability to recall famous lines from a multitude of movies, underscoring his deep-rooted appreciation for cinematic artistry.